Discover exciting new discounts on everything Amsterdam has to offer.

I Deals partners with local businesses to provide savings on everything from eating out and day trips to fitness and beauty.

Download the free I Deals app for access to exclusive deals across the city.

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Why You’ll Love the I Deals App


Take advantage of exclusive deals to save money on your travels across the city.


Access offers in English and the local language.


Our app makes it easy to redeem vouchers whenever – no need to print or save.


Our exciting offers cover numerous categories:
food, experiences, wellness, goods and services, and much more!


I Deals offers a savings tracker so you can see just
how much money you’ve saved on your everyday activities.


You can choose to search by area, category, or postcode,
giving you complete control over how you use the deals.


Be sure to check the app every day – we put up new deals all the time.
Some are time-limited too, so take advantage while you can.

How the App Works


Browse the I Deals app and choose deals that work for you.


Call or visit the vendor to redeem your coupon through the app.


Next, click “confirm” to submit the voucher to the vendor.


That’s it! Get ready to enjoy savings on exciting deals across the city while supporting local businesses.

What do you get with I Deals?

I Deals offers an exciting way to enjoy more for less. It’s the only app where you’ll find exclusive deals for local businesses around your city. Through I Deals, you’ll discover some hidden gems that you might not otherwise know about.

Unlike other discount apps, we offer practical and useful discounts on everyday services. You won’t find these offers elsewhere, so download the app to discover more

Our app provides savings on everything from restaurants and takeaway to day trips and wellness experiences. It’s a smarter way to enjoy the city whether you’re visiting or live here permanently.

With I Deals, you can travel off the beaten track and discover the city in new and exciting ways.

But we’re so much more than just a savings app. I Deals is a community of people and businesses that want to promote and experience everything their city has to offer.

Are you a local business that wants to generate leads and get your name out to more potential customers? If so, signing up for I Deals is the perfect way to promote your business. We’re not like other discount services – we ensure businesses always get a fair deal on any offers they list.

Want to know more? Visit our business page for details on how to sign up.

What our customers say about us

Alex Reek

Find deals The location setting is fab- I can literally find deals right under me nose -or look what close to my friends places if I go to the other side of the city.

Robert B Hansen

Great stuff For international students like me and my flatmate this is grreeaatt.


App works great, it's free and easy to use. I like that it's not just for eating out but it actually also has practical everyday services, shopping deals etc. I don't want to be using a million different apps to check for coupons.

Anna Meyer

The deal are really good quality and love it that they cover everything from food, to fun things to do, like kayaking, to services, like cleaning, etc. So many different offers, very easy to use and no need to buy & print coupons like with others. Really glad I found this app!!

Ali Smith

Love that I can just browse through by location or industry and ligterally see on a map everything in the area and tonnes of on the go deals across the City - 2 thumbs up! :)

Holly Cadman

Absolutely love the concept around this idea! What a fantastic opportunity to find all the best deals going on, right under your fingerprints! First class service, greate deals, genuine, innovative and easy to navigate. Highly recommend I DEALS!!!

Charlotte Hall

Finally not another Groupon type app!! - Nice to see variety of options, and ways we can support each other!