Who is I Deals For?

Every business has a ‘target’ – and at I Deals, we understand that intimately. Therefore, our app has been developed in a way that allows businesses to find their target audience, and clients to find their target solution to their current issues. The location that you live in is a hugely important part of your culture, your history, and your lifestyle – I Deals looks to help you maximise the opportunity of where you live to the maximum possible potential.

I Deals helps customers to find local businesses that fits their ethics, and helps businesses to find clients in their local catchment area that they can actually help.

As our name suggests, I Deals looks to pair people up with businesses that share a functional and ethical train of thought.

How can I Deals help me?

Our app and platform looks to help and benefit businesses and clientele by:

  • Offering insight into local communities, making it easier for you to locate businesses in your area that offer new opportunities – all from one localised application.
  • Providing local business owners with a chance to grow their client base, embed themselves within their community, and avoid excessive advertising costs by targeting the right audience.
  • Assisting everyone from tourists and expats to freelancers on the move to find everything they need in an area, from eateries to theatres to fitness locations and beyond.
  • Improving local knowledge and providing anyone in the area with a chance to learn about the history and community culture of an entire town or city from one simple application.
  • Removing the need to jump from page to page looking for information, with everything stored on one app that can be easily browsed and reviewed at the leisure of the user.

The I Deals Code of Conduct

At I Deals, we are extremely proud of the work that we do. Through our platform, we make it easier for customers and companies to come together and strengthen local ties. From people in the area for a day to lifelong residents, our app helps to connect people together in the right way. What, though, makes our project so successful? What makes it work?

Our Values

Insight and Value

Every listing should help both business owners in the local area and people visiting the city or town to find out everything they need to know about their next visit. Ideal for people who want to find out more about the areas they are inhabiting.

Excellent Value Overall

From access to local deals to business owners having the chance to properly target a new audience, we make sure that you can hunt down value with consummate ease. Access our easy-to-use coupon and voucher schemes for local discounts.

On The Go Access

A crucial part of the I Deals program is that you can easily find the best deals whilst you are on the go without any issue. Now, you can buy what you want, when you want – it really is that simple for customers to access deals, and business owners to offer discounts to the right people.

Open and Transparent

Through constant and transparent communication, we connect with our audience. Whether you need a hand finding something on our app, or you wish to add your business to our app, our support team can assist.

Opening Avenues

Part of what makes our project so exciting for customers and business owners is the opportunity to find something new. From a new favourite restaurant to a long-term partnership, our app opens up new doors locally.

Exciting Opportunities

Instead of always being stuck in the same rut of the same places and the same scenes, I Deals looks to offer an enticing reason to come out of your own bubble and find the hidden gems that reside in your local area.