At I DEALS, we go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals - be it building a strong brand presence, clearing your inventory, launching a new product/service, encouraging repeat visits or simply increasing sales

You get a custom business profile that holds all the key information for potential customers, and you can create offers targeted at individuals, couples or groups, according to what yields the most positive impact for both your business and your customers.

Because the app showcases your services in both local language and English, it’s a great way to reach an even bigger community within your local range.


We know how challenging it can be to offer any service in today’s market. Instead of working with costly advertising platforms that may not guarantee you any returns, I DEALS gives your business access to new customers in your local community without any advance cost or high commission fees.


We believe in transparency and fairness - that’s why you don’t pay any subscription fees and you take all payments directly from your customers, as we know it’s important that the increase in your footfall is always met with an increase in your daily revenue. There’s only a 10% fee on the purchases you got through I DEALS, and it’s due once a month.

Why Choose I DEALS

Connect with diverse communities within your city, from locals to visitors and expats.

Get all payments directly from your customers with every transaction.

Turn visitors into long-term repeat customers with well-balanced offers that are profitable for you and valuable to your clients.

Create fully-customizable offers in a blink, whether for in store, collection, or home delivery.

Confirm voucher redemptions with a click of a button and track them on a real-time dashboard with customer insights.

Pay only 10% on the sales you get through I DEALS and forget about all other costs and commitments.

Our Key features

Present valuable offers that go beyond discounts - such as upselling combos or a complimentary service with a larger order.

A bilingual mobile app (local language and English) to help you reach a broader audience.

Showcase up to 3 different offers at once to target new or repeating clients among individuals, couples or groups.


Your own dashboard with all the insights you will need to tailor your listing and increase revenue.