Reach Your Audience The I DEAL(S) Way!

At I DEALS, we do the hard job of making sure you reach your prospects by marketing your services on the right platform!

And not just that - we make sure you promote your services in a cost-effective and risk-free way.

What’s more, our bilingual app allows you to showcase your services in English language – a great way to reach an even bigger community that’s looking for deals.


With I DEALS, you are directed to the platforms that your customers visit the most and we go above and beyond to offer you the support you need to build a strong brand presence. To cover any specific needs of your business, we offer specialized promotion-building tools for you to set your marketing goals and select the most effective solutions to get you there.


We know how challenging it can be to offer any service in today’s market. Instead of working with costly advertising platforms that may not guarantee you any returns, I DEALS gives you access to new clients without any advance cost or high commission fees.


We believe in transparency, for our clients as well as for their customers. You only get charged on successful transactions and we don’t take money from your paying customers. We are out to make advertising less costly because we know you will be able to provide more and better deals to the community that way. Whether you want to increase your brand awareness, build a strong base of loyal customers or promote your services to generate more sales, we make sure you get the results.

Why Choose I DEALS

Create fully-customizable offers in a blink.

Get payments directly from your customers with every transaction.

Register additional branches to monitor your business’ growth in a centralized way.

Turn visitors into long-term repeat customers with well-balanced offers that work for you and your clients.

Connect with diverse communities that look for a good value for money, from locals to visitors and expats.

Pay only on the successful transactions and forget about high commissions.

Our Key features

3-in-1 management: Offer your services in-store, via order collections, & home delivery services

A bilingual mobile app (local language and English) to help you reach a broader audience.

A bilingual mobile app (local language and English) to help you reach a broader audience.


Your own dashboard with all the insights you will need to tailor your listing and increase revenue.