1. What is I DEALS?

I DEALS is the smartest way to save money while enjoying every part of your daily life. Whether you’re one of the locals, you’re making a home for yourself, or visiting, I DEALS has plenty to offer. Use your I DEALS App today and make the best of life, from the palm of your hand.

2. Where can I download the I DEALS app?

Search for ‘I DEALS’ in the Apple App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android), and enjoy!
Or simply click one of the links below to find the App on your device:
Apple: _______________
Google Play: __________

3. Is the I DEALS app free?

Yes! The I DEALS app is free to download and use.

4. What language is the I DEALS app available in?

The app is available in both English & Dutch. Once you open the app, you can select the language of your choice. You can also change your language preference form the setting tab, at any time while using the app.

5. Why do I need to verify my mobile number on the app?

Since every customer account with I DEALS is registered to a mobile number, you will receive a 6 digit OTP to your number in order to verify your account. Rest assured, we do not share your personal information with anyone else. Check our Privacy Policy for more details.

6. Can I change my phone number after it has been verified?

Yes, absolutely! Once you’re logged in to the app, click the settings icon on the top right of the screen and then click the ‘My profile’ image icon where you are able to edit your details. Once you confirm your new mobile number, you will receive a new OTP code to verify the same.

7. How does I DEALS work?

Once you’ve downloaded the app and registered your account, you can easily browse through all the categories and available discount vouchers. Find a voucher you like, visit the merchant, make your purchase, and show them the voucher you wish to use. Simple!

8. How many different industries offer discounts in the I DEALS App?

The I DEALS app covers 8 of the biggest industries, so you have everything in one place without needing to use other apps:

> Food & Beverage

> Wellness & Fitness

> Fun & Attractions

> Retail & Services

9. Is there a way to filter by location, Merchant or other?

Yes, for sure! You can search for offers by any location, by Merchant name, and also by the type of services or products you want to find offers for.

1. What are the different types of vouchers?

In the I DEALS app, you will find tonnes of different types of offers to choose from, such as:

> 2 For 1

> Buy one, get one half price

> % off your purchase

> € money off your purchaseM

> Free product/service

Please see the Rules Of Use for more information about these types of offers.

2. Where can I redeem my voucher?

Your voucher can be redeemed directly at the address which is listed in the Merchants’ details tab in the app. In the event that the voucher is for a home delivery service, the redemption process will take place during the time of delivery.

3. How do I redeem a voucher?

Select the voucher you wish to use and show it to the vendor (staff member). The vendor will enter their unique 4-digit code to mark that voucher as ‘redeemed’ & apply the relevant discount(s) to your final bill. Note: If the Merchant has more than one branch, your vouchers can only be used in the branch mentioned in the merchants description.

4. How do I use a ‘Home Delivery’ voucher?

In your I DEALS app, you may find that some vouchers can also be used for products or services that can be delivered to your home instead of you having to visit the Merchants’ business venue. In this instance, the person receiving the delivery must present the relevant I DEALS voucher, and follow the usual redemption process at the time of delivery.

5. Do I need to pay for vouchers in advance?

No, with I DEALS, you can use vouchers whenever you wish, without ever needing to purchase (or download) them in advance.

6. How many vouchers are provided by each Merchant?

Each Merchants offers at least 3 vouchers to every I DEALS customer, which can either be the same offers or different ones, and each of these vouchers can be used once. See our Rules of Use for full details.

7. How many vouchers can be used in one transaction?

Up to 3, and here’s how. Imagine you are a group of 6 or more persons wanting to vouchers for ‘2 for 1 on a main course’ at your favorite restaurant. Here, 3 people at the table can present their own I DEALS voucher to the vendor, and then 3 of the main courses will be free of charge. For groups of more than 6 people, additional vouchers can only be used at the Merchants discretion. Note: You can only use different vouchers in the same transaction as long as they don’t apply to the same product or service. For example: if you wanted to use 2 for 1 on a main course and also 2 for 1 on a cocktail, this is fine. However, you cannot combine different types of offers for the same product or service. Note: Bill splitting is only allowed at the Merchants discretion.

8. Am I limited to which days I can use a voucher?

No, you’re free to use valid vouchers anytime during the Merchants’ operating hours, unless otherwise stipulated in the Merchants’ description page or on the voucher itself.

9. Can I let my friends and family use any of my vouchers?

Yes, sharing is caring! Tap the share icon in the top right corner of the Merchant’s offers page, select the voucher you wish you share, enter the recipient's email address and send.

Note: The recipient will only receive this voucher if they have used theirs already, and in case they don’t have the I DEALS app yet, then they will simply receive a link to download the app.

Note: Once a voucher is shared, it cannot be reversed, or used by you. Once the recipient redeems that voucher, it will count towards their redemptions and savings.

10. Is there a way to easily mark my favourite Merchants without having to keep searching for them in the app?

Yes! On the details page for every Merchant there is a ‘star’ icon. Once you click this, that Merchant will be added to your ‘Favourites’ tab. As an added bonus, you’ll also be the first to be notified whenever your ‘favourite’ Merchants’ add any new offers!

11. Is there a way to see how much money I’ve been saving using my I DEALS app?

For sure! Once a voucher is redeemed, your estimated savings are automatically calculated. On the bottom of your screen click ‘My Offers’. Here you will find all your redeemed vouchers, and the total amount you have saved so far.